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Kunming last year more than 338 travel agencies cancellation, revocation, cancellation

Date: 2019-05-20

In 2019, kunming will keep control of high pressure situation, joint are implemented the most severe supervision and punishment measures.

Yunnan tourism market order regulation "22", kunming has "zero tolerance", to control the tourism market order.Recently, the reporter understands from kunming city culture and tourism bureau, in 2018, kunming accumulative total more than 338 travel agencies cancellation, revocation, cancellation.

"According to the travel agents ordinance, cancelled longevity of yunnan travel agency co., LTD. 13 travel service travel agency business license, such as from the date of the announcement to stop business travel agency business"."After verification according to the power, the cloud of yunnan road travel international travel agency co., LTD., etc. Eight don't have to set up legal conditions.According to the administrative permit law, the provisions of article sixty-nine (4), decided to cancel the 8 travel agencies of the administrative license."...According to "investigate revocation of a violation of travel agencies, the cancellation of a batch of long-term not step by step to carry out the management of travel agencies, encourage to support the development of a batch of collectivized travel agency", in 2018, we will continue to increase in kunming on efforts to deal with "don't swim at reasonably low price", to crack down on illegal business travel behavior, in the 659 travel agencies in the city of comprehensive cleaning in accordance with the law, revocation of 38 involving illegal behavior of travel agency business license;In view of the travel agency set up conditions, the quality margin, star rating, and so on and so forth, on the city's travel agencies in accordance with the rules in accordance with the overall compliance verification, the cancellation of processing in the closed closed state of more than 100 "zombie" travel agency, revocation of more than 200 administrative license is not in conformity with the conditions of the travel agency.

The argument goes, revocation, cancellation, revocation of travel agency business permits and licenses, through to the kunming travel service quantity is compressed, to set up the threshold of the travel agency business, the travel agency "zombie", do not have the qualifications and have rid of illegal conduct of travel agency, is a reshuffle in kunming travel service industry;And through the reversed transmission travel agencies abandon the conventional operation mode, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Revocation, cancellation, revocation of a travel agency, at the same time last year, kunming has the kunming city tourism market report violation behavior reward measures, encourage the public to report in accordance with the tourism illegal conduct;Increase the intensity of product line of travel agencies of investigations, analysis and research investigations data, clues, on alleged violation behavior to carry out the investigation;And travel agency tourism promotion electronic contract, electronic invoice, a travel agency, the bureau and the employees "red HeiBang" system, complete kunming tourism industry credit evaluation measures, gradually realize the "grid" of travel agencies and tour guide "hukou" management.

At kunming tourism market order management has preliminary implementation by the passive to active regulation, after the renovation to make regulation of "double shift", illegal business behavior gradually reduce the travel agents, "don't swim at reasonably low price" has been improved significantly.

To further standardize the order of tourism market, in 2019, kunming will keep control of high pressure situation, the implementation of the most severe supervision and disciplinary measures.In the "1 + 3 + N + 1", on the basis of comprehensive regulation model, establish negative listing unified management mechanism, would violate "BaBuZhun" and other stakeholders brigade violation behavior punishment record in kunming, "credit" broken records, and according to the kunming faithless jointly disciplinary measures to implement joint punishment;We will continue to increase the "crackdown" unreasonable low price, is investigated in accordance with the travel agency violation behavior;Explore typical journey involved illegal blow to improve "cohesion" of execution efficiency, strengthen the cases involving brigade effective connection of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice.